Monday Mornings with Leah

8-10 am

Monday Mornings with Leah on 88.7 WSYC 8-10am! For comments, questions or concerns reach out to @leah_f17. Keep on keeping on.


Monday’s with Hannah Gratti


Mondays are known to be the worst day out of the entire week. That attitude can change when you’re listening to the right tunes! “Monday’s with Hannah” is filled with plenty of tunes to kickstart your week.

The Other Guys


Evan Callahan-

I am a senior at Shippensburg University and I am majoring in finance. We decided to have a show on WSYC two years ago because of our wide-ranging discussions about sports that tend to venture off into a wide variety of topics. We really enjoy doing this radio show because it gives us a little break from the stress of school and allows us to have some fun and talk about other stuff

High Noon- with Matt Weisbecker

12-1 pm