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Noah Stewart


Vinyl Vibes is a show where we’re always looking for that classic sound. From 40’s jazz to 60’s rock, 80’s pop to today’s hits, if it’s been pressed on vinyl we’ll probably play it at some point. Make sure to tune in on Wednesdays at 1 to listen to those groovy black records.

The Wild Card

6-8 pm

Take a walk on the wild side. We talk about everything and anything.

Morgan Barr


MidDay Metal with Morgan Barr is a new show on WSYC. A celebration of all things metal, from 80’s hair bands to the 2000’s pop punk, if it’s metal I will play it! While I am not being a metal-head, I work at Cumulus Media, which runs four local radio stations in the Cumberland Valley.

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Marlee Bulman

4-6 pm

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Alex Smith

9-10 pm