Controlled Burn Scheduled

DCNR Bureau of Forestry, Michaux State Forest, will be conducting a 558 acre controlled burn in the South Hampton Township, Cumberland County on Wednesday, April 10.

The objectives of this controlled burn are to mitigate the danger of catastrophic wildfire by reducing fuel loading and to improve plant diversity, browse production, and forest regeneration in fire dependent forest habitats.

The project area lays east of the intersection of Big Pond and Hogshead (state forest) and Gutshall (township) roads and west of Pole Bridge Trail.

Ignition operations are expected to begin approximately around 10am the morning of April 10 and are planned to conclude by 6pm that evening. Ignition operations will be conducted by ground and helicopter firing crews.

Big Pond and Hogshead roads will be closed Tuesday evening and all internal trails flagged and posted to inform forest visitors. Roads and trails will remain closed through the evening of Thursday, April 11 and until the fire is determined extinguished by the District fire warden and safe for public use.

Smoke is expected to be visible from this project from many of the hardtop roads in the vicinity and on route 81, and travel advisories will be posted to inform area motorists of the operation. Smoke may continue to be visible for several days after the burn depending on ensuing weather conditions.

Questions about this project either prior to or during project operations should be directed to the Michaux State Forest district headquarters at or 717-352-2211