Red Flag Warning Issued for Central PA, MD, WV, NJ and DE

The National Weather Service in State College, PA has issued a RED FLAG WARNING for the following states: PENNSYLVANIA, MARYLAND, WEST VIRGINIA, NEW JERSEY and NEW CASTLE COUNTY DELAWARE. This Red Flag Warning means that conditions are LIKELY for small to large brush fires as well as wildland fires.

Cumberland County Officials have asked that residents refrain from open burning of refuse, bonfires, fire pits and other large amounts of open flames to reduce the risk of a fire occurring. County Officials have also asked that cigarette smokers properly dispose of their butts but putting them in an ash tray or other container and not on the ground.

Firefighters throughout the state of Pennsylvania have noticed a large increase in the amount of brush and forest fires within the last week and are contributing it to the lack of rain and now warming temperatures.

Members of the Shippensburg Fire Department are asking residents to call 911 even if they see something small. They have designated trucks just for small brush fires on land and property to prevent further damage and spreading.

Shippensburg Fire and Police are also enforcing the no burning laws until this Red Flag Warning is lifted, if found to be burning within the following limitations you can and will be fined:

  1. Open burning leaves and garbage without a permit

  2. Open burning of human waste

  3. Open flames or fire pits without permits

  4. Open flames or fire pits within 50 feet of a residential structure

  5. Controlled burning of ones own property (without prior Fire Department notification)

  6. Controlled burning of public lands

  7. Accidental Fires and Arson Fires

If you have any questions about the burning laws call the following departments for more information

Vigilant Hose Co. #1 Shippensburg Cumberland Co.- 717-532-2345

Cumberland Valley Hose Co. #2 Shippensburg Cumberland Co.- 717-532-5353

West End Fire and Rescue Co. #1 Shippensburg Franklin Co. 717-532-5555