Weekend Update

SHIPPENSBURG Twp.- It was an abnormally loud weekend in Shippensburg as Saturday night and Sunday night the Shippensburg Fire Departments responded to multiple calls throughout the township. This also culminated with the large police presence in the township made for an interesting pair.

Both on and off campus Shippensburg University Police as well as Township and Pennsylvania State Police, continued on their crackdown of DUI stoppages as safety violations for the second consecutive weekend. This was seen as both marked and unmarked units were patrolling campus, King Street, Earl Street and Richard Avenue. It was estimated that over 100 citations were issued for car stereos being too loud, too many people in the vehicle, and several arrests were made in connection with other crimes reported in the township.

At approximately 12:30am Saturday, West End Fire and Rescue (Shippensburg) and Vigilant Hose Co. (Shippensburg) were dispatched to 39 N Earl Street for a report of a residential structure fire. SUPD and State Police also responded, and upon arrival of the fire department deemed the incident a good intent call as it was steam from a dryer vent in the front of the house causing the “smoke”. SUPD, SFD and PSP were all cleared within a half an hour.

Late Sunday night, while winds gusted to 65mph in Shippensburg, the Shippensburg Fire Departments responded to multiple calls for trees down, wires arcing or even on fire, and several Carbon Monoxide incidents. These calls were all cleared within minutes when utilities controllers arrived and secured the area.

Around Midnight, West End Fire and Rescue as well as Vigilant Hose Co and C.V. Hose from Shippensburg were called to 2 East King Street to the Shippensburg Select Diner for a possible working commercial building fire. Units from West End arrived within 3 minutes of the initial 911 call and deemed the fire under control and it was a malfunctioning ventilation system due to debris blocking the inflow caused from the winds. Units were made available within 25 minutes of being dispatched.

Shippensburg Township reminds you to clear debris from roadways and to not drive through wires that have fallen on the ground as they may still be live. Also report any live wires down immediately by calling 911 and the electric company.