Monday Mornings with Leah

8-10 am

Monday Mornings with Leah on 88.7 WSYC 8-10am! For comments, questions or concerns reach out to @leah_f17. Keep on keeping on.

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Evan and Dan

7-8 pm

The Derkles & Preston Show

1-2 pm


The Other Guys


Evan Callahan DJ Bio

I am a senior at Shippensburg University and I am majoring in finance. We decided to have a show on WSYC two years ago because of our wide-ranging discussions about sports that tend to venture off into a wide variety of topics. We really enjoy doing this radio show because it gives us a little break from the stress of school and allows us to have some fun and talk about other stuff

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Bill Rollin

3-4 pm

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Josie Dillard

10-11 pm