Modern Baseball’s First Step towards Success


By Matt Attwell 

Following the releases of Dr. Dog’s B-Room and Man Man’s On Oni Pond, Modern Baseball is the next Philadelphia based indie group that seems ready for a breakout with the release of their newest album. You’re Going to Miss It All is Modern Baseball’s sophomore album following their 2012 debut Sports and features twelve short energetic tracks. Modern Baseball cites Gaslight Anthem as one of their driving influences and it is very apparent throughout the entirety of the album; with most tracks featuring lead singer Braden Luken’s nasally/unique voice over a clean, continuous beat.     

A hybrid of indie rock and pop-punk, Modern Baseball draws comparisons to 90s’ alternative/indie group the Dismemberment Plan with Luken’s vocals being very reminiscent to DP’s Travis Morrison. Luken provides an inner monologue over a steady beat to connect with his audience about his feelings of insecurity and self-doubt that most college age students struggle with as well (“I’ll admit I’m the same, caught in between my adolescent safety net and where the world wants me to be”). Modern Baseball has plenty of room to grow and evolve over the years but for now they are enjoying their status as a young band who found success very early.      

The lyrics center on the group’s state of limbo between keeping their youth and the realization that the working world is around the corner. Due to the nature of Baseball’s lyrics it is easy to peg them as an emo group, but their energetic tempo allows them to expand their horizons far beyond the niche audience that comes with the genre and has positioned them with a chance to break out onto mainstream radio. Modern Baseball is a young promising group with a tremendous upside. The band members seem to have an impeccable chemistry through interview clips and it is apparent in their music. Although the group has only been together for a short time, they have found quick success and it is very conceivable that they will find commercial success in the near future. For those who enjoy pop punk groups such as Say Anything and the Gaslight Anthem or alternative rock groups such as Weezer or the Dismemberment plan You’re Going to Miss It All is absolutely worth a listen.