The Power Hour (10 AM-12 PM)

Co-host Ryan Hays is a 22-year old from the small town of Saxton, Pennsylvania. He is a senior studying Communications/Journalism here at Shippensburg University. Zach King is from a small town no one knows in Perry County, Pennsylvania.  He also studies Communication Journalism at Shippensburg University.  King listens to various types of music, but classic country and rock and roll have his heart. You can join Hays and King every Monday from 10:00 until Noon for the Power Hour. The Power Hour is Shippensburg's #1 choice for a mix of classic rock, alternative hits, 90's grunge, and today's hard rock favorites

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Let's Celebrate Life Together (12-2 PM)

DJ: Josh Neil

Every Monday from 12-2, Josh hosts a show of eclectic music as well as student interviews of people from all walks of life. It is a show where we celebrate diversity through hearing each other's stories and music. 

Nothing Planned (2-3 PM)

DJs: Nick Hinton and Mike Mccullough

Join us every Monday and Wednesday for all of the craziness that is NOTHING PLANNED. Featuring two diverse and charismatic hosts, Nick Hinton and Mike McCullough, NOTHING PLANNED is guaranteed to add an extra kick of refreshing positivity and laughter to your daily routine! Broadcasting live from Shippensburg University's WSYC 88.7 FM.

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the news crew (3-4 pm)

DJs: Kerriann McGuire and Brianna Fowler

Delivering the latest news updates from Shippensburg and around the world! Also tune in for some awesome interviews and performers, along with regular students on the street! Want to be featured? Contact Kerriann at

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Water Cooler Sports (4-6 pm)

The ship Metal Show (6-8 pm)

Genre: Hard Rock & Heavy Metal

DJ: Tyler Lee

The Ship Metal Show features a mix of Modern Hard Rock and Old School Heavy Metal. Artists range form Judas Priest and Black Sabbath to Halestorm and Shinedown and everything in between. Music has been his life from an early age. Whether its listening, playing, writing, It takes up a large amount of time. The Ship Metal Show is an opportunity to share what he loves with the rest of the world.

Amplified nation (8-10 PM)

Co-host Amanda Haase, grew up as a middle of three with a father in the Navy. She is a junior, studying International Studies with a Korean focus at Shippensburg. Join her and her Co-host Shannon Keene each Monday from 8 to 10pm for a variety talk and music show.


Justin Miller (10-11 AM)

Myaah Morgan (11 AM-12 pm)

The Constant Chord (1-2 PM)

DJ: John Schaeffer

John Schaeffer is a 21 year old who loves all things music, no matter the genre. But his specialty is hard rock and heavy metal. A self-taught musician of 7+ years and a lifelong music fanatic, he knows his way around a tune. ‘Music is everything to me. It’s a way to escape, come up with ideas, and also a way to cope with everything life throws at you. I taught myself how to play the guitar and sing when I was in high school. It’s one of the best skills I ever learned’ An upcoming WSYC host, he hopes to take The Constant Chord to all kinds of places!

Do you wanna rock? Then turn it up! Tuesdays at 1pm join host John Schaeffer for the heaviest show in Ship! The Constant Chord is the home of all things heavy music. From discussion, to news, album reviews, tour announcements, and all around humor, this is your home for the best hard rock and heavy metal! Online, on air, and now on the app store. Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter and keep up with the heaviness every week! Are you ready?

Matt Trust (4-6 PM)

Steve Nice and Richie (6-8 PM)




wake up with ryan smetzer (8-10 am)

Ryan Smetzer is a senior Communication Journalism major at Ship, and an on-air personality for Mix 95.1 in Chambersburg PA. Whenever Ryan isn’t hitting the books or having a blast on the airwaves, he works as a mobile DJ for his own company Ryan Smetzer Entertainment, where he has been DJing weddings and other events all over the four-state region for the last five years. Ryan is excited to bring fun and great Pop hits to WSYC on Wednesday mornings at 8am! On Wake Up with Ryan Smetzer, expect fun stories from all over the nation, Wayback Wednesday Throwback hits, fantastic NEW music, and everything you need to kick off an awesome Wednesday at Shippensburg University! Tune in every Wednesday morning at 8, and join in the fun on Twitter by following @WakeUpWithRyan and @RyanSmetzer!

rebecca and garrett (10-11 am)

Rise with zachary clouse (11 am-1 pm)

My tastes in music cover all genres, but for the purposes of radio, I prefer to play earlier morning shows with a propensity toward electric guitar and drum driven music. I am graduating in May 2017 and look forward to my last year as a radio DJ at Shippensburg University's WSYC. RISE is a WSYC rebirth from its 2-year-old version called Rise in the Morning routinely played on weekdays at 8am-10am. This year RISE (Rockin' in Ship Everyday) is a more intense version of its predecessor. By dropping the pop and indie genres from our regular programming, we can make more time for heavier music for those people who are looking to relieve stress. On Wednesday 11am-1pm, RISE will be playing bands like: Shinedown, Metallica, Disturbed, Iron Madien, and other various heavier styles. RISE encourages listeners to call 717-477-1489 to suggest music or talk about their day. Keep your radio/internet device locked to 88.7FM Wednesday mornings and rock out with me.

Brandon Ferrance (4-6 PM)

Chase Fisher (6-8 PM)

Shippensburg sports show (8-10 PM)

becca pryor and shane kaliszewski (10-12 am)



Offense vs defense (11 am-12 pm)

Darren Braxton and Zachary Wendel bring you the hottest topics in today’s sports. They revisit previous games from throughout the week. This can range from college football in D1 or D2, NFL, NBA, NHL, and the MLB. They also interview numerous people via live on air, call and in person interviews. This show will also voice its opinions freely on the show. Whether it a stance on athlete’s protest, Deflate gate scandal, overrated/underrated players, and complete bust of the last few years. This show should make you feel as though you are listening to an unfiltered first take.

Water Cooler Sports (12-2 Pm)

Host Eric Miller is a 25-year-old resident of Harrisburg, but grew up in Connecticut and Massachusetts. He is a junior, studying social work at Shippensburg. Join him each Thursday from noon to 2pm, as he discusses NFL and NCAA Football, as well as the NBA, NCAA Basketball and Major League Baseball. It's all sports, all the time on the Mid Day Madness Sports Show. 

Social Work IT! (4-6 pm)

Dr. Jayleen Galarza and Christian Rock are the hosts of SOCIAL WORK IT! The show is a mixed program with discussion and expert interviews on issues of social justice, social activism, and our roles as social citizens. What happens here rarely stays here, so we will talk about anything that affects you and me. We have a growing collection of social justice themed music that will inspired and promote reflection and response. Want to learn more about real people, you, and the world we share? Tune in to WSYC 88.7 FM SOCIAL WORK IT! Thursdays at 4pm.

Mad sounds (6-8 PM)

Ricardo Almeida and Manuel Ortiz are the hosts of Mad Sounds on 88.7 WSYC. They are live every Thursday from 6-8pm, and they talk all the latest music and movie news. You'll also hear a wide variety of music.

Brad Foreman & Co. (8-10pm)



Becca and Graycool Show (2-4 pm)

DJs: Garrett Graybill & Rebecca Pryor

Garrett is a junior at Shippensburg University majoring in Communication/Journalism with an emphasis in electronic media. Garrett’s an active brother in the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity and is active in Greek life on campus. His favorite types of music are rock/metal and EDM. He also enjoys Pina coladas and long walks on the beach.

Rebecca “Becca” is a junior at Shippensburg University majoring in Communication/Journalism with an emphasis in electronic media and public relations. She is an active sister in the athletic honors sorority tau kappa and a member of the Shippensburg University volleyball team. She grew up on family owned “Pryor’s orchard” in Thurmont Maryland, but went to an intercity high school- fittingly her favorite music genres are hip-hop/rap and country. The Marylander stereotype isn’t a myth, crabs, football, and old bay are among her many passions in life. Ronda Rousey is her spirt animal and she enjoys long walks on the beach with her pal Graycool.

The Becca and Graycool show can be compared to any mainstream radio show or hosts in radio today. A blend of music and talk incorporate each show. The main topics of discussion are normally the events that happened during that week or a bit that one of the hosts comes up with that they feel would be entertaining. The show is mainly focused around playing good music and creating entertaining commentary for anyone to enjoy, whether it be a student of Shippensburg or even someone enjoying the show on their commute to work. Becca and Graycool are on air every Friday at 2 on 88.7 fm. 

Fitzsimmons and koms (4-6 PM)

Carl Seils (6-8PM)

DJ: Nic Ecker

The Groovy Zone (8-11 PM)

Genre: Jazz

DJ: Charles Jones

I’m Charles Jones (CJ), originally from Philadelphia, now living in Mechanicsburg.  After retiring from the military, I finally had the time to pursue my education.  I had begun my education at Temple University in Philadelphia years ago, but most recently I earned a Liberal Arts degree at HACC.  In 2011, I transferred to Shippensburg University to pursue a bachelor degree in Communication/Journalism.

Growing up in Philadelphia, I was always around music, of all forms and cultures.  I was introduced to jazz at very young age where I learned to appreciate its rich history and achievements.  So when the opportunity arrived to host a radio broadcast of jazz here at Shippensburg University I jumped at the chance.  So, I invite you to join me in the “Groove Zone” (WSYC 88.7fm) Fridays’ from 8 to 11 PM, where you'll hear the best cool and smooth jazz this side of central Pa.


shippensburg sports on wsyc (11 am-4 pm)

Behind THE CURTAIN (6-8 pm)

Genre: Movies, music and TV shows

DJs: MacKenna Angert & Sam Fritz

MacKenna Angert, from New Jersey; and Sam Fritz raised in South Eastern, Pennsylvania; are two Comm/Journ. They both have a fascination with film and relating it to music. Tune every Saturday, from 6 to 8 p.m. to hear them dissect great films such as Fight Club, Atonement, and many more films and TV shows. Each show has a list of songs that relate to the movie or theme that they areabout. Each episode, find out fun trivia and join in on the hilarity as they take you, "Behind The Curtain."


DJs: Shaun Bellamy & Pedro "Andy" Ramos

Shaun Bellamy is a senior from Shippensburg University. He was born in Harrisburg, PA and always grew up wanting his voice to be heard on any topic of discussion that is brought up. He is a Communications/Journalism major with an emphasis in Electronic Media. This is his first year doing radio for WSYC. Pedro Ramos, mostly known as Andy is a junior at Ship. He grew up and in Harrisburg, Pa as well. He always has something to add when it comes to discussions and loves to learn new things. Both Shaun and Andy love sports and are excited for people to hear their voice.

Their show is called “REASONS”. The topics discussed will vary; topics will include from local sports and local news, to professional sports and world news, to human behavior and much more. The show is on air from 8 pm-10 pm on Saturdays. Every show at 9 pm, the hosts select a topic relevant and will invite callers to explain what their reason is for doing what it is the topic is during that day. The goal of this to get the audience’s perspective to allow the show to be more engaging between the hosts and the people listening. 


Brennan Jackson (10-11 AM)

Girl Talk (1-2 PM)

DJs: Erica & Lauren

Imagine the streets of Philly merging with the suburbs of West Chester. You'll get a head on collision of sass and class! Come join Erica and Lauren on Sunday's at 1-2on deep sessions of "Girl Talk"
Lauren- Senior/Communication Journalism major.
I love sharing my thoughts and meeting new people. My adventure side of my personality always comes out on my free time because I'm always on the go.
Erica - Junior/ English major business minor.
I enjoy collecting books to read later and writing in my spare time. Also I enjoy spending time with close friends and enjoying life at the same time.

THE WILD CARD (4-6 pm)

Genre: A mixed variety, but mainly rock music.

DJs: George Garrett & J.P. Embrey

George Garrett, born in Atlantic City; and J.P. Embrey, a Lexington, Kentucky native, are both alumni of Shippensburg University. The duo completed their degrees in Communication/Journalism with a concentration in Electronic Media in 2011 and 2013. On "The Wild Card," expect the unexpected in music choice, as they also touch on various topics ranging from sports, to video games, and even trending news. Be sure to interact live, as the co-hosts partake in games including word puzzles and name-that-tune, open to the listening public. 

Kayshaun, katara and Dorsey (8-10 PM)